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This site is dedicated to providing a complete knowledge of creatine so that you can make informed decisions about which is the best creatine supplement for you.  Creatine is a highly popular nutritional supplement and is the 2nd most used supplement for athletes after whey protein.  Creatine is found naturally within the body, but can be greatly increased by supplementation to levels far beyond those attainable through diet alone.  Creatine has several effects on the body which are beneficial to athletic performance. This is why many athletes choose to supplement with it.

The best creatine supplement for you may depend on a number of factors.  You may prefer the taste of one type over all others, or you may find some of the less soluble forms hard to digest.  Many other factors will also play a role in your ability to gain from using creatine, such as your diet and lifestyle, or your naturally high levels to begin with.  Most people who consider creatine supplements to be inneffective for them can change this fact with changes to their diet or by using it with other supplements

Creatine is transformed by your body into it’s usable form so many other substances are required by your body to do this.  Many of the additives and other ingredients found in creatine products are designed to do just that, but often they can be bought separately for far less.

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